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Concrete & Foundations

Concrete Flatwork:

Our concrete flatwork crews can do many types of flatwork, residential and commercial. This includes basements, garages, porches, sidewalks, patios, driveways, pool decks and much more. We can do colored, stamped and custom concrete work. We can demo and replace existing concrete.

Poured Concrete Walls and Footings:

Why choose a poured wall? Poured concrete walls are much stronger than other types of foundations. This has been proven by engineering tests and technical data, poured walls are the best choice to resist the pressures of earth, wind and water. They are able to support vertical pressure loads much greater than traditional hollow core block foundations. With solid poured walls you also get the option to add rebar reinforcement to your specifications. Dollar for dollar, you get a much better foundation with minimal problems for the builder and homeowner. In the event of a problem, poured walls are much easier, cheaper and more effective to repair than block walls.

Poured walls need virtually no maintenance. The composition of solid concrete is resistant to rot, decay, rodents, termites, and fungi. Nothing protects your home better than a solid poured concrete wall. They are even fire resistant, twice that of a block wall. We can provide many types of poured walls, residential and commercial. We offer many different sizes. Our solid concrete walls can be used for foundations, retaining walls, storage, agricultural and any other uses you may need. We have the excavation equipment to dig any size footing large or small.