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Interior Painting

We understand that choosing a painter to work inside your home can be a difficult decision. You are allowing people whom you've never met before, into your home for potentially days at a time. Selecting the cheapest "painter" for projects like this is probably not the thing to do. However, choosing Halfon Construction, with over 30 years of experience working in some of the area's finest homes as well as an impeccable reputation of providing the highest quality, seems to be exactly the thing to do.

Our quality is attained by the use of premium products we apply and how we execute our jobs. We treat your home as if it were our own. We understand you want as little interruption to your life as possible. Our staff of professionals will work hard to not only minimize their work space in your home, but they will also strive to get their jobs done as quickly as possible, without sacrificing our high standards. One of our most common compliments from our customers is how they are amazed at how promptly we completed the work in their homes.

We take our presence in your home seriously, which is why we are fully insured. From masking walls or woodwork, to using drop cloths and heavy gauge plastic, be confident we will do our absolute best to protect your home.

Exterior Painting

Our thorough process when painting your exterior:

Thorough Power Wash: This is the most important step and probably the most over looked. A good power wash completely removes any loose materials or wood fibers from the surface to insure the coating we apply adheres to the best possible substrate. Unlike many other painters, our wash team uses lifts and extension ladders to reach and thoroughly wash every area of your home, no matter how high. If you choose a contractor without this type of experience, you risk having your paint prematurely fail, or worse, you risk permanent damage to your siding.
Assess Carpentry Needs: Sometimes needing rotted boards replaced is obvious and can be discussed before we start. Often times, it isn't until after we power wash your home that rotted wood makes its appearance. From rotted siding to door replacements, we professionally repair most anything we encounter.

Scrape & Sand: We always follow up our power washing by scraping and sanding any loose or rough spots. Some homes require a minimal amount of this while others require more extensive work. Either way, it is a critical part of our preparation process.

Prime: Whether your home is being spot primed or full primed we always select the best primer for your homes particular needs. We use primers are specifically designed to help lock down the edges of your old paint and help prevent it from peeling in the future.

Finish Coat: There are painters out there that will tell you their old fashioned "brush & roll" application is superior. Others will tell you, spraying the paint on will give you the best finish. The fact is, our process which is a combination of BOTH methods, is the best. Applying paint or stain with a sprayer will result in up to 50% MORE paint on your home. Then, finishing the paint by brushing & rolling it will insure an even film, which is well worked into the surface.